Mark Kaley has over 10 years experience working and consulting with large and small businesses by providing them with management, marketing and business consulting services and advice.

Mark, a TV/Film major, used his academic expertise to join a growing local Cablevision Channel focused on live programming. Initially starting out as a camera operator, Mark was promoted several times and learned all aspects of production, from graphics, editor, technical engineer, to assistant director. When Mark left Cablevision, he was the Associate Producer of two live television programs. In addition to his work at Cablevision, Mark was also a video editor and copywriter at SportsChannel for "GameTime".

Mark previously served as an officer and director of 3D Eye Solutions, Inc., a 2D to 3D content stereo and auto-stereo conversion company and production studio in Longwood, Florida. Mark's work at 3D Eye, which included marketing, branding, content acquisition, business development and project management, combined with his prior technical experience, has uniquely positioned him to have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively position an Entertainment Company and how to execute and implement a plan that will lead to success.

Mark, a driven, analytical and business savvy marketing professional, has consulted with over 100 clients and over 500 small businesses through the public relations process and assisted them in getting their products and/or services to market, securing financing and working with management to improve efficiency and profitability. Mark has introduced many of his clients to Fortune 500 companies for joint ventures, and other joint marketing and business efforts. In addition, he is able to utilize his contacts to introduce his clients to sports and entertainment celebrities for local and national endorsement opportunities.

Specialties: Entertainment and Media, TV/Film production, Business consulting and marketing, mergers and acquisitions. .

Books by Mark Kaley

From Pennies to Millions (2021 Paperback)

From Pennies to Millions (2021 Kindle Edition)

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