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Mark Kaley From Pennies to Millions Wolf of Wall Street pink sheets

Set in the early 2000s, From Pennies to Millions tells the story of how a former Florida theme park worker, a former pool cleaner and a former New York attorney rose to dominance on the coattails of a tracking device, a piece of plastic rebar and a biometric thumb drive in a lesser known industry where the honest businessmen were outnumbered by swindlers, cheats and charlatans, looking to game a system where the rules were often more gray than black and white, to become one of the preeminent consulting firms for small publicly traded companies.

With an insider look at the investor relations industry and small cap market fraud, these penny stock mavericks, who never became wolves on Wall Street while arguably the Gordon Gecko's of Pink Sheets, an unregulated quotation service and market for the trading of sub penny and penny stocks, learned that business partnerships built on friendships and family loyalty can be both the key to success and a recipe for failure.

If you read the Wolf of Wall Street or enjoy the show Billions on Showtime or American Greed on CNBC, this book is for you.

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Meet the Author


After working as a television producer for Cablevision on Long Island, Mark obtained a law degree and found a true passion for helping small businesses grow and succeed. Mark has held various positions throughout his career including with The Walt Disney Company, Amazon and work on a National Presidential Campaign, amongst others. Attracted to the Central Florida weather and tourist experiences, Mark and his family relocated to the Sunshine State in 2004. He has always had a passion for storytelling and used the lockdowns of 2020 to pursue that dream by penning this memoir of experience. He and his wife share their home in Florida with three extraordinary children and two adorable dogs.


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